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Yes, it's that time of the year again, season it over, people are going back to school, Steve is fretting over b/s as usual and the competitors of S.V are itching for this to start. Yes, it's the Grand Championship back again. This season's line up includes:

Bassbeat77 +27. (confusius raises eyebrow suspiciously)
The Hurt Within +16
ndakasimba +11
grovermans +10
Ad*Astra +8
Silence Evolves +8
YourMessiah666 +8
Jammydude44 +7

Sooo, congrats to those 8 competitors that have arrived here, some way or another.(warning: this post may seem bitter if read from a certain point of view )

Rightyo, onto the ever so famous format:

This seasons competition(just like the last one) will work like so: There will be three rounds. The first one containing 2 groups of four pieces, and the bottom piece in each dropping out. The next round, I will mix up the remaining six pieces and then 2 groups of three will go up, the bottom of each dropping out. Finally, a final will take place of the last four pieces to see who will be crowned the second Grand Champion

Now that sounds mighty fun doesn't it?

Updates will be in this thread, please vote for the Grand Championship!

Remember, if you're not in the championship this season, get competing to be in it next season.

Be warned competitors! I hosted the acousitc duel and I don't like people that don't submit and I'm going to nag your ass off until you do. That said, I want the pieces in a week. Get cooking, bitches!
See yall soon.

First Round

We had to say goodbye to two of the competitors this season in the first round- they were BassBeat, O_o and Ndakasimba!

Unfortunately they will not get any points towards the new season as they did not reach the final, much to the disappointments of the fans and groupies. Well, it's not worth crying over spilt milk, we'll just look at the new standings in the competition and next rounds polls will be up soon.

The Hurt Within +16
grovermans +10
Ad*Astra +8
Silence Evolves +8
YourMessiah666 +8
Jammydude44 +7


The semi-finals were exciting until the last minute. Especially in one thread, where we were gifted with a tie-breaker. It was a tough battle and all the pieces were superb the the ones that didn't quite make the cut were: Grovermans and YourMessiah666.
That also leaves the standings like so:

The Hurt Within +16
Ad*Astra +8
Silence Evolves +8
Jammydude44 +7

So with no more delay than the immense one(which I'm extremely sorry for) let us vote for:

The Finals!
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It's alright, you can just edit in here. I go to 8th with 7 points and bassbeat ends on 27.

So the due dates in a week yeah?

I had no idea about!
So do the pieces have to be of a certain length or topic? or just free for all?
haha, this cracks me up. i posted for the first time in a long while yesterday, i haven't competed since .. i can't even remember when and i ended up in third place.
So how is this going?

I think we need to drop Grovermans, he hasn't been on in a while.

If no one answers the PMs by Monday then we'll start moving down the order.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.

how the hell did THIS happen?

oh well. if i have a bit longer i can write something now?
i can't find anything that i've already written to submit,
and i haven't really written anything in a really long time.

I just want to sleep forever.


that shit's WAY too fancy for me. like.
i didn't even know it existed until steve told me.
i don't fucking know how to work it. haha.

I just want to sleep forever.

You just click the button in the top right corner of the screen that say: My Profile. That should like you to it and once there there is a pretty big: New Private Messages icon.
well yeah. i figured it out NOW.

but i didn't know about it before,
so i had no way of knowing that i had
any private messages on it or anything.

I just want to sleep forever.

Yeah, I guess I should have thought about that. Sorry. Any word of Ad*Astra? I think I saw him online the other day, does anyone have contact with him?
Heyyy, I'm really sorry, I haven't been posting in a while and didn't see this until just now. God I really wish there were email notifications of those friggin new PMs. I have class today but I'll try and get something in later tonight. Or did someone say I have until Monday?
Well I said Monday at the latest. So if you can get something in then do so asap. We can get the poll up then.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Corey and Kyle...

Shall we split the poll already, and make them the two knocked out of the first round?

*waits for the pieces to appear magixly*
Give them until Tuesday morning. I said by Monday and cause of the time difference that should be right.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Quote by confusius
I'll be up sometime today.

did you write that in your sleep?

I just want to sleep forever.

i know

i just wanted to point it out,
because i found it somewhat humorous.

I just want to sleep forever.

I did too. I just though I should cover up my ass in case there was further humiliation.

I'm feeling giddy, so I'll put the poll up.
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