Like it says in the title, I'm hoping to form a rock band (e.g. Muse, Biffy etc) in Brighton.

My main influence is Muse, other influences include Nirvana, White Stripes, Feeder, and heavier metal bands such as In Flames and Machine Head.

I've been playing guitar for just over a year (I'm 19 btw), so I'm not brilliant but I will be able to handle this fine. I'm able to play most of Muse's songs, if that gives you some idea of my ability.

I'll need a drummer, bassist and singer, and possibly a second guitarist if the right one came along.

Check out the midi song in my sig if you want some idea of my writing ability.
yeh mate i live in brighton just moved down a month ago and im 18 played guitar for a year and a half influences, megadeth, anthrax, machine head, slayer, velvet revolver, muse, 7th son, sanctity, devildriver, creedance clearwater revival, hendrix

I play guitar mostly metal, rock and blues rock so yeh and im going to BIMM here in a month to give you an idea...cheers man hope to hear from soon
Sounds like you're gonna be quite a bit better than me, but I'm okay with that if you are. Maybe I could play rhythm with you taking lead.

I'm actually in London right now, I move down to Brighton in a couple of weeks for the second year of my degree at Sussex Uni.
well i dunno i just play lol we'll have to see but i dont mind rythm or whatever I just love guitaring so i dont mind who does what...yeh what date do you get to Brighton? If you wana get in touch properly email me dermot_spades@hotmail.co.uk thats also my msn so yeh cheers dude