for some reason the vocals remind me of jack johnson and john butler mixed together which is great imo. it sounds as if youre not singing to your full potential though like your holding back, you shouldnt you have a great voice especially for acoustic stuff. solid playing and good tone.
really liking the chord progression. actually, i like the vocals too and the lyrics. This is really catchy sounding and its acoustic so thats always awesome. Were you recording it live? sounds like it. that would explain why the vocals might seem like you're holding back a little. overall i liked it though, you do have a good voice. i think it would be even better though if you did separate tracks and sort of built off it with backup vocals and guitar.

crit mine?
Hey there, it sounds good! And yea, sounds a little Jack Johnson to me too, but a little more melodic than he is. I think a little more solid strumming would do, like adding a rhythm to it or something. Just my two cents, it sounds alright like this anyway!
I think it sounds great, and maybe abit more power in your voice would improve it.

Well maybe not power, just volume and confidence