I need your help! There's a song written in chords and I only know how to read tabs. http://www.partitions101.net/modules.php?name=Toune&toune=deux_par_deux_rassembles_ver2&refered Here is the link of the chords. It's "Deux Par Deux Rassembl?s" by Pierre Lapointe (a quebecer singer). I have Guitar Pro 5 software and Power Tab software. I'll be happy if someone can help me translating those chords in tabs.

Thank you everyone, I really enjoy Ultimate Guitar, It's my favorite web site to looking for tabs and everything about guitars!


NB: I speak french normally but I understand well english. Sorry if i made some mistakes
thats a awesome name
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the way I understand chords is that they're those common "sounds" like i.e. :

2-3 And so on. You just need to check them from somewhere!

Man that is a mess. Hope you understand it.
But can someone just put those chords in Guitar Pro file? I don't want to learn chords!
what the hell do you mean you don't know Chords? That link you posted doesn't works.
I'm assuming by "chords" your talking about complex chords and not just major and minor. Complex chords need a tab since a inversions can sound completely different.