I've got an issue with one of my effects pedals - I don't know if it's a problem or if I'm just an idiot with my setup/settings.

Here's my effects chain:

Acoustic/Electric Guitar -> Boss AD-3 -> Boss CS-3 -> Morley Volume -> Boss AW-3 -> Boss DD-3 -> Amp

Also, I've got an A/B switch between the guitar and effects chain with the effects on the A channel and a Boss TU-2 on the B channel. I took the tuner out of the effects chain because it was affecting the tone. The AD-3 is a multi-purpose acoustic guitar pedal with a reverb, chorus, and feedback eliminator. The CS-3 is a compressor/sustainer pedal, the AW-3 is a wah pedal, and the DD-3 is a digital delay. The guitar is a Takamine acoustic/electric, I'm not sure offhand but I think the model number is EG430SC.

Here's the problem: when I have the CS-3 in the effects chain, the volume output drops seriously after a few minutes. It's hard to tell how the tone changes since the volume decreases so much. If I test the CS-3 pedal independently, just guitar -> pedal -> amp, it seems to work fine. I've never had any trouble with the A/B switch, nor any of the other pedals in the effects chain without the CS-3 in the loop. So I'm pretty sure the problem is isolated within the CS-3. I run all the pedals on an AC converter chain, so power supply is not the issue.

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on with the pedal? I'd hate to have to pay a tech $50 just to tell me it can't be fixed.
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