WOOHOO! I just picked up this pedal for $89. I currently have a Metal Muff that I love too but the J-H is one monster to be reckoned with. Unfortuantly Im running it through a soon to be gone Spider right now so when I get my B-52 it will sound better.

I Like the MEtal Muff for REALLY high gain stuff. The J-H is really kickass though for that fat distortion and OD sound. Its very versatile. It has more of that Marshally classic tone.

Either way I think I have a nice combo, MM for stuff like Slayer and anything high gain and the the Jekyll & Hyde for a nice classic tone such as ACDC.

Im a Metallica freak so Im using the MM for that but either way a +1 for the VS Jekyll and Hyde.
Im considering selling my beloved Small Clone for their Liquid Chorus.

BTW, how much of a sound difference will I notice between the Spider and a B-52 with the pedals on? (no noob)