Yeah, theres no point in going here about it really. The majority of people might prefer a different bass. Go to a music shop and try them out.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
I'd get the ESP. But I'm a sucker for 6ers, so I'm slightly bias.
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2 four strings and a 6? any reason for the six string being plonked in there? lol

I'd go with the Jazz. Never played the curbow so i can't comment on it (plus, its the strangest cort there is)
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What do you mean 'eventually'? As in, some point in your bass playing career? Whatever you mean, your best bet is to try them. You may think one looks pretty sexy and it has nice specs, but it turns out to just feel wrong when you're holding it.
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i cannot stand those things, in a 4 maybe, but the 5's play like absolute **** in comparison, better off with something that will give you a clearly defined low B
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