Iv decided i want to purchase a pile of junk 60's guitar for cheap, around £50 at most and plan on fixing it up if need be.

Im not looking for vintage classics or anything, just cheap old 60's era electric guitar of some sort.

Any one know of any being sold, or where i might get one?

I tried ebay and there arnt too many going on there for what i want to pay.
I realise a pawn shop might do the trick but i dont know of any around where i live.

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Definitely look at pawn shops, check your local craigslist in the UK...Also look for guitar shops. I know that here in California, there's a shop in LA that carries EXACTLY what you're askin' for. I recently picked up a neck through double cutaway Les Paul copy form the 70's for 75 USD. So there's bound to be something like that where you are.
Ebay often throws up plenty of what you are after.
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Thanks for your help.

Im guna go down and try out the shops.
There are a few on ebay im watching but i doubt they will stay within my budget for very long.