Any one have this thing?

I was in guitar center yesterday and they had one on display. I was able to look a little bit at the interface and how all the buttons worked but wasn't able to hear it! So if anyone has one let me know what you think of it.

It seems like a really nice portable recorder.
its an ok little unit.
it eats batteries fast so its best to plug it in and take batteries if you are on the road.

it is a 4 track recorder but you can only record 2 tracks at one time which is a little limited.
if you really want something for home recording look into these units:



the first one is best out of the two as you can record 4 tracks all at the same time letting you do bass, guitar, vocals and one other mono input.

but if you are set on the micro br its an ok unit.
look around the Riffs and Recording section as theres more info on it there.