I am really upset that I have to sell this, but because the ****ing sale of my UV is taking so long and I NEED to pay bills, I have to get rid of it.

I LOVE this guitar, it's awesome. I just had it repainted by my friend's dad (who does work/paintjobs on cars). It's a chameleon color, inside it looks black, but if you shines light on it, it turns green, or red, or silver. It's also loaded with an EMG 707. Lastly, it's currently tuned to F#.

The only issues with it are: I dremel'd the route for the EMG after it was painted (dumb), so there are some marks on the finish, around the pickup. Two of the blocks that hold the strings into the tremolo are missing, but I just leave the ball ends on the strings and put them in and tighten the screw onto them, it works just fine. The screws for adjusting the spring tension are stripped, so I blocked the trem, so it's inactive. The headstock still needs to be refinished. That's really it.

It plays great and sounds awesome.

I'm looking for $275 shipped OBO. A case is not included.

If you need references, I have a ton over on sevenstring.org and I have 100% positive feedback on eBay, under the name xerominus.

Some pics:

I've since put the original neck pickup back in, just to make it look less empty, it's not connected though.

I can get more pictures upon request.

Also, I would only consider trading for a nice/decent amp head (Peavey XXL, Ultra Plus, ValveKing, Ibanez TB100H, Crate, etc...), or a Line 6 PODXT Live.
Good deals with: masterchief101; Abbott