Well, currently I'm in two bands, Chupacabras and 7 vidas. In Chupacabras we play mostly Hard Rock, stuff like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, that sort of things. We've been playing for about four months, doing covers, but we're writing some songs.

In 7 vidas we play Uruguaian rock, which might be completely new to you but actually a lot of great music comes out of here. This band has actually been together for about a year, but I joined last month. It was a strange thing, because the bassist and drummer in both bands are the same, so when the guitarist of 7 vidas left (a really good friend of mine, btw) they asked me if I wanted to join, which ended in me having 2 bands with only 1 member different .

Links are in the pictures. I made the logos too, if you have any comments/suggestions please tell me .

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