so i have a carvin sx300 and i run my ds-1 and metal distortion pedal through it and it sounds alright. but i was lookin at getting an overdrive pedal, like say a TS9, and my friend told me that it wouldn't work with my amp because it isn't tube and the overdrive pedal is for tubes. is this true? or can i get one and it'll work just fine?
OD pedal + solid state amp = weak distortion most of the time. Kinda like stones-ish or indie stuff like The Hives or The Strokes. U can use it tho.
put your amp on clean. itll do that if u have it distorted for some strange reason

so ive heard
An overdrive pedal just simulates the sound of a tube amp getting overdriven, I guess you could say. When you use it with a tube amp you are going to get more distortion because you drive the pedal and the amp. It will still work though.
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