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Smiling shadows stretch
past me as I run along this
back-alley. Musty-air and
a damp ground add to the
eerie feeling. Discordant noise
seeps out from a window, tobacco
smoke gives an uncomfortable

Walking on I exit the alley into a busy
market. Gypsies dancing and three dogs
barking, I twist and turn as I make my way
through the down-trodden stalls. Swift
hand-movements help me avoid the
pick-pocket snaking along beside me.
He winks and fades away with the crowd.

I suddenly realize I have returned into the
back alley, with smiling shadows stretching
past me. Sitting down by the window, I inhale
the smell of tobacco and digest the noise, wearily,
hoping to be able to sooth my nerves. Sometime soon…

all good fun!
without music ,life would be a mistake- nietzsche

i'm not distorted, i'm just fuzzy