ok, thinking of getting an epiphone dot and vox ad50/30vt.

decent for indie tones (inc. blur, smashing pumpkins, the cure, oasis type stuff, and otherwise generally bright pop songs) yes?

bearing in mind I'm going for image as well as sound. And this suits my budget (can get the lot for £400 online)

answers on a postcard.
sounds good to me mate =]
epiphones are pretty sweet all round as well...(no bias because i have 1 :P)
Lots of Indie stuff uses Tube amps, so id get a tube amp and an overdrive pedal maybe. Idk if i would use an AD30 for it.
Brilliant choice!

You might want to try out some squier tele as well. They are hit or miss, you might ended up with some high quality ones.

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Sounds pretty good. Have fun with it!

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I'd definitely look into a tele also an ibanez artcore. But the Epi dot is also very nice. One of my friends has one
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Good rig there. Alot of Indie bands use ES-335s and Vox, so you'll be fine image-wise - plus it's a good sounding and playing rig. If you want to upgrade pickups on a budget you could try out those new Irongear pickups, or maybe Bulldog or Swineshead.
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Again, thanks! I'm leaning towards the Condor in neck and Warthog or Runaway in the bridge.

That adds £110 if i get them covered though. It's do that or get a slightly uglier ebony 335 and then black pickup bindings... Anyone have suggestions for that?
Go with Condor neck Runaway bridge - Indie bands don't need the gain that the Warthog delivers.

What colour were you planning on getting the Dot in?
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yeah, was just thinking the warthog would give me a bit more flexibility tone-wise.

And colour for the dot, red or natural.
The warthog would give you less versatility - it's more voiced for classic metal and thrash, wheras the Runaway is more for Classic Rock and Rock, but it can also reach Warthog levels of gain. I understand your predicament - the Runaway clips sound pretty crap wheras the Warthog's are good, but it's better in real life IMO.

Getting chrome covers yes? I'd just get the Cherry (I mean it's only £320 on GAK, same as Ebony but hawter) and have the pups changed for chrome Swineys. AFAIK you'd need a pro to do it, it's dead hard to work inside a semi-hollow.
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