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Yes, quite alot, in my own time too
3 8%
Sometimes, maybe in gigs or when I feel like it
7 18%
No never. It's kinda strange
30 75%
Voters: 40.
I notice it's something that some metal heads AND emos tend to do. Out of interest does anyone here do it?? If so, why??
I don't but I would if I was playing a gig, for "dramatic effect" (OTT). I just wonder why I see people like Alexi Lahio doing it, yet also people in emo bands.
All opinions welcome.
I do it when i'm realy, really bored, because i'm bored xD
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Some guys do it, some guys don't. It's just a style or look and usually thats what is pretty popular in bands nowadays.
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ive been doin it for so long i dont remember why i started.
i <3 my gibson.

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The only ever time my nails are black are when I doodle on them from sheer boredom.
Even then I feel conflicted and frantically try to srub the marker off.
Personally I don't do it.
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The only ever time my nails are black are when I doodle on them from sheer boredom.
Even then I feel conflicted and frantically try to srub the marker off.

i couldnt have said it better man
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my nails are painted black right now... I'm actually taking it off right now.
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I despise it, on guys or girls. Even though one or two of my favourite guitarists do it

Fingerless gloves anyone?
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I tried it once, but didn't like it.
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Indeed. I like to draw stuff in my arms sometimes, but not for giging..and I never paint my nails
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Fingerless gloves anyone?

Sorry but to me that just screams I-play-counterstrike-all-day-and-wank-over-tank-magazines
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