just got one and want to try out a bunch of settings that ppl use
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Taking it back to the shop would be the first step to a good sound.

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^ Ah cmon no way it's that bad.

I ordered one for 45 bucks... can't wait to try it out. TC, did you get it new? They have settings in the manual. If not, look up the manual online.
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^ Ah cmon no way it's that bad.

You'll find out quite quickly that many disagree.
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another good option is to send it to a keeley mod, i heard that this mod makes wonders to the POS metal zone.
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The settings in the manual that comes with it are pretty good.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Meh... well whats so bad about it? The review seemed pretty solid. But I've never used one, or any pedal so far.. so I dont know what to expect.

Eh... it was only 45, if I don't like it I'll ebay it back <_<
on of my favorites is

high 5
mid1 5
mid 2 5
distortion 0
level 0

sounds awesome through a cranked tube amp