Hello again.
I am selling a mint black 30gb 5.5 iPod Video.
This is in mint condition ( Always used in sleeve to prevent scratches ) as this was only used in my car.
This unit is still covered by Apple warranty.
This comes with All the original accessories except for the Earphones.
Looking to get $190 + shipping ( paypal ) .
I am set on the price.
I have done plenty of deals on Ultimate-guitar as well as ebay and such.
Can provide pictures if interested.
You can contact me on AIM ( w0lv3121n3 ) if you have any questions.
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I'm selling my 60 GB White iPod video for only 230 shipped. Seems like a better deal to me
Way to douche up someone else's sale thread

This place never ceases to amaze me.
Smooth deals with: messiahofevil, bassdrum
Mine is gen 5.5
Longer battery and Brighter screen.
Also still has apple warranty.
Anyways, $180 shipped.