This is my newest song. I had this paino piece that was too short, so I started adding metal riffs until I got this song. I feel like it's a little short for the whole progressive thing I'm going for with it. I also want to hear some opinions on whether the Re-Intro fits. To me it almost sounds like a new song starting and not the same song, but that might just be me. Crit and I'll return the favor.

EDIT: I made some minor changes, mainly the transition into the re-intro. I think it flows much better now.
piano piece-melodic metal.zip
piano piece-melodic metal modification.zip
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Not bad at all. I do agree that it seems a bit of a sudden change when you changed to the triplets.

I think maybe you should add more of a "drum solo" kind of feel to the drum breakdown instead of just a steady beat.

Good stuff. The harmonies sounded a little strange when guitar 3 came in. But good stuff.


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dude thats cool
i like the harmonies and how everything was unpredictable (in a good way). i think a couple transitions were a little rough but nothing horrible. good stuff and keel u the good work.