I saw this guitar at my local store (starving musician, santa clara, CA) and liked it. Anyone has experience with it? they have the matte black / gothic / JT200MBK model for 349.99$ (new). Is this guitar worth the $$ overall?
So I ended up buying the guitar - and like the sound and looks. The components are not the greatest (tuners, pickups) and the knobs / switches are a little flimsy. But those can be replaced relatively easily -right?
All in all, the neck and frets / bridge arefine so Im very happy with this purchase - has a good clean channel sound and the distortion sound is OK too - there is a know that allows you to control the tone for each pickup selection, so its a flexible guitar. Basically a cheap alternative to a real Les Paul. I own a Schecter S-1 elite as my primary guitar, been playing for 10 yrs, 3 yrs in bands - its a good secondary guitar for the experienced player, and a great medium - price guitar for intermediate level/novices.
Hope this helps anyone who is interested....