Hey there UGers. Just giving you all a heads up about my new band called The Anti-Socialites. We're a 4-piece (2 guitars, Bass and drums) from Melbourne Australia. You can have a listen to one of our songs called "For Your Own" at http://www.myspace.com/theantisocialitesmusic and if you're in the area, we're playing a battle of the bands in dandenong on September 7th at The Castle, details on the myspace page.

There will be more songs to come after the battle, we're in rehearsal mode just at the moment but there are some good ones that we're itching to get recorded. Hope you all like and look forward to seeing a couple of you at The Castle.

Oh and in case you were wondering I'm also on vocals and my solo is the 2nd one in For Your Own.

Cheers y'all