Recording a Cd; Which Multi Track Recorder? PLEASE READ I NEED SOME GOOD OPINIONS.

I have a band on the go and were gonna continue to write songs until we have enough for a cd

then we'll record all the songs

and for this cd we'll probably want 16-bit, 44.1kHz quality wise
because apparently this is the cd standard

now first of all

Like the title says
we're gonna get a multi track recorder

because we're not interested in recording with computers

I'm not sure which one to get

We're gonna need at least 8 tracks to record with

But it would obviously be a good idea to get a recorder that record more then that just in case

I was looking at the Boss BR1200 CD (records 12 tracks)

But I looked at a review and it said that it could only record two tracks at the same time (I think we're gonna use 3 mics for drums so this is no good)

I'm not really sure what else to say.

I'm looking for a **** load of advice here
and some suggestions on what other recording devices are good to use.

and if you can include key features they have like how many tracks they have (well no ****), how many tracks can be recorded at the same time, how many virtual tracks, does it include a mixing or mastering feature, etc.

Will I need a preamp if I use a multi track recorder?

Anyways thanks for reading and if you can help me out I greatly appreciate it
I dont know much at all about this..

PS. Budget is no more then $1100 on the recording device
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Hiya mate.

I bought the br-1600 about 6 months ago now and i think its sound. Its easy to use and the sound is good. I havnt been able to read to much into it or get the best sound out of it because of time etc but it still sounds good. it cost me £700 but i think its gone down now from the sitei bought it from.

It can record 8 tracks at once so you wont have any problem with recorsding the drums.

Listen to my band to have a listen of the recording from there, they arent the best because i rushed it but you can still listen to the quality. The songs that i used the br-1600 to record are "forever and a day" "girls & tambourines" and "back to the grove".

So have a listen and see what you think. Let me know if you like it or if you have any more questions about it just ask.

Nice one, Si

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Recording on the computer is the way to go in my opinion. I have a older Boss BR864 and it was good but made the jump to computer recording and won't ever go back. But since you aren't interested in the computer recording I'd recommend the Boss BR1600 also. It is a little more than you wanted to spend but you could probably find one on ebay cheaper.
BR-900 is an on the go recorder, 4 tracks, 8 virtual tracks each, pretty good for recording ideas on the go. Hmm.
the korg d8 from a few years ago,tons of built in effects,i think u can do all 8 at once if not get a smaller mixer has built in dsp effects and just a really good sound