sup folks, i work at guitar center, and one of my buddies i work with (hes in his 30s or something) and he said that les claypool is buckethead, now i was immediatley baffled and didnt belive him, he told me in the video for "my name is mud" u see the shadow of buckethead replace les's, but im still not completely convinced, can anyone shed some light one this matter?

...plz dont flame if i look like a dumbass....
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except Les can't be much taller than 6 feet, and Buckethead can't be much shorter than Hagrid.
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well that was the quickest /thread ive ever seen...
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but in that vid, the claimed "claypool" is wearing a mask, no evidence there, and i also thought about the height thing, and +1 for just short of hagrid
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How Could they be the same guy?!! ive seen live shows of both of them together on stage.