so, whenever i try strumming lets say just the top 3 strings ( E A D ) I'll accidently hit the G and possibly B strings as well, which always makes what I am playing sound awful..or I'll strum an A chord and then switch to a D but continue hitting the A string...anyways what I am saying is: I cannot strum well at all.

besides practicing, are there any kind of exercises that would help me improve my accuracy when hitting strings? ( I already tried searching lessons but found nothing)

maybe try palm muting the extra strings???

that or just practice.
slow down a bit. practice slowly until you can comfortably speed up without sacrificing accuracy.
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I'm assuming that you are playing power chords and are sick of the ringing out open notes. Lay your index finger across the fretboard instead of hitting the low E at 90° angle, and just apply pressure with the tip. This will mute the other strings.
Thanks for the advice so far. Muting the other strings seems to be working well so far but in time I take it I should move on and become able to play them without any muting whatsoever?
I don't know of a single person who plays power chords without muting lol, so no worries.
^^^ i don't mute when playing powerchords but I use very small movements. no windmill strumming for me, so I guess it's more accurate that way
I can't really explain what I do but when I strum the top 3 strings I kinda just aim for the first 2 and I hit the third when I follow through, that way I don't strum too hard and hit the extra strings. kinda took me a while to be able to shred without hitting the extra strings but it's no problem now and you can get it if you practice it alot.
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