I have a Les Paul copy guitar made by first act. it was my first guitar and even though it sounds like **** plugged it, it plays very well. I play some harder stuff and i cant get the sound i want from the single coil fender strat i just bought.

But i really do like the feel of this LPcopy. do you think adding some new pickups and new tunners to it, would make it sound good? Also what pups would you suggest?
On a first act guitar, forget about it.
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Any reason why? I would think quality of pickups would be more important then what the guitars body is made out of. And like i said it has a good feel when playing it.
with a good wood there is more sustain, so bad wood + good pups + bad amp = still bad sound. But better wood + ok pups + ok amp = better sound
^^ how about bad wood+good pup+good amp....?

^yeah it has a cream pickgaurd and like a gray black kindda finish (which i think looks very good)
NO i love everything about the strat. Its just i have this (IMO) nice looking guitar that feels good , just sitting in the corner. i though adding some nice pickups to it would give me a reason to play it, especaily on harder songs.
trust me you're going to need good wood, but don't feel as if you have to go out and buy a new guitar or amp tomorrow upgrade when you feel that it's holding your back or your ready for the next step
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If the guitar is bolt on, you could buy or make a new body?
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If you need a guitar with Humbuckers, check out the Agile L.P's they are supposed to be good, and are about 200 Bucks.