Here is the link to the guitar i want to import, but i dont know how to or even if they ship out of Asia...

can anyone help me out here to figure this out? its hard to navigate that site when you dont know what the hell anything says....
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I wouldn't do it. So many bad things could happen during shipping, it would be a large hassle. Also, have you played one, do you know how it feels? If no, definately do not get that guitar.
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Not sure what part of asia thats coming from. The price doesnt look chinese. Chinese RMB exchange is 7.5 to the dollar. And Hong Kong is 7.5 HKdollar to 1 of ours. But I will warn you I have been to china and bought 2 guitars there and brought em back. The chinese have no comprehension of how to build guitars. If its made by a name brand company and usually imported here your probably ok. But they do not understand scale length or what kind of screws to put in saddles, things like that. And being as its a set neck. If its not right your pretty much screwed. And rest assured it will have the cheapest pickups and electronics available in it. And it will be really hard to complain if there is something wrong with it. Im not saying all guitars they make are bad but it will hit or miss buying one over the internet. They are trying to copy a dean guitar. How good a copy is debatable. Ive seen em selling a zak wylde custom that goes for 4300 here for 245 bucks. It even says made in USA on it. I know you dont think you can get a real gibson for that.