Hello All, I've been playing for about 8 months and I am kinda stuck. I am lost about don't know what to learn next. By all means, I know, that I haven't learned everything, but I am just a little lost. I practice scales and try to build pinky strength but after that i just **** around with my guitar. :/

I learned about 5 songs, not than much eh? I am sort of stuck about what to practice and which song i should learn.

Also, I have a lack of self-discipline and I need to work on that, any tips? Also, how do you know when is the right time to practice soloing? And if possible give some songs with easy solos. Well, beginner solos, because I know easy is a subjectable term.

Thank you.

sounds like taking lessons would help you immensely.
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I can't even remember how I got through my first few months of learning, but don't assume you need to practice self-disclipline or sit there repeating scales all day! I've never taken lessons, and my usual routine is to stick on a favourite LP and jam along...you seem to soak stuff up without realising it that way.
Don't get too hooked on flawlessly learning solos and songs, the important thing is to have a laugh doing it and discover new stuff on your own. I've got a mate who practicises hours a day trying to get Satch songs note-perfect, whereas i find it more fun to grab a beer and strum along to my favorite album. If he ever wanted to become a session musician it'd be well worth the effort, but on a concert stage his playing seems clinical and lifeless.

If you still feel you're grinding to a halt, try listening to styles of music you'd never usually bother with. Also, jamming with other musicians can really boost your playing, so try and form a band as soon as possible.

Good luck to ya anyway
Thanks Kyle! That really helped me! Yeah, I have an electric, I wanted to try some classical stuff but it is better on acoustic.

Learning the basic is always the hardest part, but it will pay off. Thanks, I will just play.

When I learn songs, I learn the rhythm part and not the lead, is that ok for now?It is ****ing fun to play along when you know a song! Just picking a song that I can stick with and not too advance for me is kinda rough.

Thank you very much Kyle. I love your gear.

No worries Judith, pleased to be of use! Probably just telling you what you wanted to hear, mind...'don't bother practicing'. Hope it all pays off anyway.

(Haha, wish I loved my gear as much...always seem to want more!)
it might not be your style of music but learn Dave Matthews songs, he does a lot of different things in his music and its all great things to improve your playing
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make a list of stuff you want to do, set goals, learn songs and find a lesson book so you have a guide cause it sounds like you need one.