yeah...i have a pretty decent mike for recording with...but i don't ahve any programs that let me save the recordings as mp3's ...see mixcraft doesn't let you and for audacity to save as mp3's you have to download a couple things and now im just too lazy to do that. so does anybody know of a decent mp3 recording program that will do that for free? i wanted to get some recordings of 'my skills' and put them on here for eeevery once to judge. i'd apreciate it if you found one..just somethign simple...you know of anys?

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Audacitedit: whoops didn't see that in your post there.

You could save as a wav file and windows media player has a File converter for wv to WMA or mp3.

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audacity is the easiest way. it's not particularly hard to get the mp3 encoder anyway
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