Ok after being at reading im getting back into the swing of my guitar (singings screwed at the moment from all the yelling )

Now a lot of times at reading i saw a solo consisting of various riffs played while moving the Wah Pedal around, often a very fast sounding riff played at the high end. Can anybody give any good riffs live or other? Main Examples i saw were the chillis and ash. Especially in the style of john frusciantes live riffs? Tabs or some sort of pointers towards what theyre doing? Unsure of the forum im meant to be in but this seems good as any.
enter sandman solo by 'Tallica
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take me with you so by whitesnake, the older, better whitesnake
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Voodoo Child - Hendrix
Burn of the midnight lamp - hendrix

or sum Clapton stuff
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The end of Dani California as mentioned is a great example its mainly D Minor pentatonic licks. Pretty fast and there are some other effects on there as well.

For something a little different check out the end of MSG "Into the Arena" great wah riff/solo.
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