hello folks !!!
I'm building a new guitar with different bits, I've got a fender guitar without pickups and I wondered if I put some gibson pickups would be possible.
I'm looking forward that my guitar's finshed !!! lol

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If the body has humbucker or "swimming pool" routing, you'll be fine. Gibson pickups aren't necessarily the best out there. With those, a lot of the cost is paying for the name. You could get completely custom, handwound pickups for the cost of a set of Gibsons. Just a thought.
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Edward Van Halen used that basic idea - Gibson pickups in a Fender-style guitar - but these days there's a much larger range of replacement pickups to choose from. There are the big names like Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio, or the custom, handmade ones Dirk Gently is talking about, which are usually local to their own country (don't ship internationally much.) Swinesheads are great in the UK; Fralin and Kent Armstrong are good in USA. There's a thread on them somewhere.
wat sound are you trying to go after? and wat's teh pickup config thats routed out/you want
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I understand that Gibson and Fender use different string spacing - so the polepieces won't have the same spacing. But they make Gibson (style) pups with "F-spacing" = they're made for fender style guitars (sometimes referred as "trembuckers")

Here's a pic of a fender spaced guitar with a "regular" humbucker: