I have a little problem that proves to be quite annoying. I don't like the quality of mic recordings and since I own a Digitech RP250 effects processor which can help me record what I play directly into my computer through an USB midi interface, I thought the logical thing to do was try and do that.
No matter what recording program I use (I have Audacity, Sony Sound Forge 8 and Cubase SX3), my processor crashes whenever I try to play and record AT THE SAME TIME. I have no clue whether it's incapable to do so, but I suspect it's a problem I could solve by separating the input and output, because even though the only sounds that keep coming out of it are these hissing noises, when I unplug it and switch back to the soundcard input/output and play whatever I was recording...It sounds good!!!
I really can't record multiple tracks without hearing the ones I've already registered...my synchronization is not that good.
Do you have any idea what I should do? I'm quite a noob in this domain and I could use a little advice.
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What interface?
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