What to write in songs. What are their structures and what do they represent. Everyone has a different approach. So let’s discuss it.

Most of my songs are VC type structure. In which I use verses to tell part of story and Chorus to tell the central message.

Other approach that I use in my song is that I talk about different people in each verse and then I twist the whole words toward chorus.

For instance: I have a song called “Someone in everyone” in which I talk about different perspectives like

V1----the whole lyrics are about a guy who lost his home
V2--- A boy who lost his dog
And the whole chorus says that someone in everyone goes through the same emotion
That one had gone through before. There’s also a bridge but I don’t want to talk about that. I’m too lazy.

I mean the whole story is very important for me.

(Ok the whole topic may have seemed a little cliché but it was one of my first songs)

So I want to know what are the other variations that can be used in story telling for songs.You can also share your experience and thoughts.
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I really dig using verses as big parts in a song, an having choruses but them varying a great deal. Like my second to last piece, Dummy, it had two choruses but they weren't the same.

I tend to do that because I'm not great at the whole chorus thing, but also because I think it's a cool way to throw around ideas, and also you can add more into the story of a song.

I tend to use some sort of bridge in a song, either to see things from a different viewpoint or show a change in the story. I use them just to add a bit more into the song, and usually with a different structure.

Songs without choruses are also pretty cool, and it's great sometimes to just write a song (like a folk style one) with just four line verses and telling a story, with no chorus. It's great for practicing rhyme and flow, and also good for internal rhyme practicing, and generally perfecting storytelling skills such as pace and flow of the actual story.

Verses always seem important to me though. I prefer writing them to choruses and bridge because they're the main storytelling part of a song, and you can give them the most content.

Having a certain melody or music for the chorus (this is just what I imagine in my head anyways lol ) but different words allows you to keep a chorus in the song, but always progressing the story if you don't want to just revolve around a certain point/message. It's really cool to always keep the plot moving like that but still have the big chorus.

Anyways, them's me thoughts for now.
i no wacha mean and in the previous song that I wrote I had a lot of story telling. and the reason is that music has diffrant points to get across but i could not find a way to get them across so while I was in the car listening to jimi (bold as love) and thinking how creative it would be to explain myself in colors just like a story. So I got home and in my note book I started towrite play scripts sounds stupid but its a great way to get a point across in a creative story telling way. If u got any questions e-mail me at egowafles22@yahoo.com