I just recently heard about them and I really dug the few songs I heard(Through Osiris Eyes being one of them), anyone into them and have a suggestion on songs to download or albums to pick up?
and in case anyone hasn't heard them:
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They're one of the most hyped bands ever.

And unfortunately they're not quite as super great as most reviews would have you believe IMO. Enigmatic Calling (the album that song is off) is basically Power Metal with some proggy ideas here and there but not enough of them to make it a great album. I've just started to listen to it some more and it's grown on me but I still can't listen to all of it without getting a bit bored.

The massive instrumental Back To The Magic Of Childhood (two parts) is pretty awesome though. There's some utterly blatant Erotomania worship going on but their lead guitarist knows what to play and when (goes for the rest of the album). The Prophecy Of Pleiades is also good. Though there's more DT worship in that one as well.
I do think they'reo ne of the best prog metal bands out there today. Enigmatic: CAlling is a fantastic album, and Celestial Calling is equally good. Infinity Divine is a serious stinker of an album unfortunately.
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