I was an avid fan since I was about 14. I loved the Curse. Suicide Notes was okay. Deathgrip I think was garbage but still not as bad as their new stuff. Their new single Becoming the Bull is not that bad, but then I said to myself, "I hope the entire album isn't like this." Then I went to their myspace page and every song on the album is a joke. I kinda feel bad but then again I always knew it would only be a matter of time before they jumped on the Avenged Sevenfold bandwagon and pulled the age-old SELLOUT routine. What a shame. I won't even lie, I love Atreyu but I am really REALLY disapointed.

I'm sorry but I had to say it. It's most likely been discussed here before but I couldn't find it.
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atreyu suck.
my friend is always raving about them, but i just can't see it
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Yeah i agree, suicide notes and butterfly kisses, and the curse were great albums. Although i thought that A Deathgrip On Yesterday was good also, but the new album has been quite a stepdown!
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