Hello there, total newb speaking.

So a while back, actually 5 months from now i started playing the guitar.
what i bought back then was some Fender start package which included a Fender squier strat and a Fender frontman 15g amplifier.

so anyway i was thinking of buying myself a new amp. and my question is, i found this Marshall valvestate 40w amp for 170$ do you think it would be a good bargain?

if not i would appreciate if you recommend any other amplifier bellow 230$

P.S i like playing stuff like old metallica and megadeth songs if that matters at all.

thats a good deal, but just so you know the "valvestate" tag doesn't mean its a tube amp. but for the price its a good deal/better than what you currently have
i wouldnt waste that 230 on an amp worth that much. It wouldnt really be much of an improvement from what you have now, although it would be a little better. When you start saving for another amp if you get one, youll be pissed you dont have the 230 bucks. You should drop at least 5-600 bucks for a nice sounding amp, either a more expensive modeling amp or a tube amp that is used or something like a traynor blue or peavey valveking with a OD pedal for the heavier stuff.
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get a vox AD30vt or a Roland cube. ive never used a cube but people say its good. i personally like my AD 30 but im gonna get a tuber soon
So:F basicly i do not have a job and well it would take me forever to earn another 300 bucks:F isn't there anything bellow 250 that would give me a nice improvement?

Thanks to you peoble who responded
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