If I get a cab with lower wattage speakers, will it still sound good, but add more volume? I'm sure if I have 4 50 watt speakers it would take 200 watts to push out some decent sound, right? Just some theory and looking to make my rig louder without getting a more expensive head. I have a Crate GLX1200H with the 4x12SL cab. It's a great 120 watt SS stack, and I love it. I'm just looking for different volume options.
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the rating for speakers is just the wattage they can handle without getting damaged, not how many watts is needed to sound 'good'.

just swap out the crappy stock speakers for a set of decent speakers, it'll get expensive, considering you have to change 4 speakers.

but your sound should appear 'louder' as better speakers should be more efficient, though the head is just blah...
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The loudness is to do with the wattage your head is putting out, the volume will be the same over one speaker or 4,
Higher speaker efficiency will increase volume in dB's.

Increasing the number of equally rated speakers will also increase volume in dB's.

Where "perceived volume" comes into play is the way that a 15W tube amp sounds as loud as a 50W SS amp. In dB's, it's actually equivalent, but the harmonics created by tube amplifications "fills out" the sound, making it seem much louder.

And I could get excellent sound out of a 4x12 cab rated for 200W with my half watt Z. Vex Nano head. The cab rating represents it's maximum power handling, not it's requirement.
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Increasing the number of speakers does not increase volume- the power is split between all the speakers, so it may be a tad louder if the speaker is more efficient at a lower power, but the difference in actual volume will not be much.
What you will notice is that for instance a 2x12 will have more 'throw' than a 1x12- the volume fills up the room better, and the cab doesn't sound like it's working as hard. That's usually enough for most people- getting heard over the drums with a 1x12 is usually a matter of projection rather than volume.
I'm pretty confident about increasing speakers increasing volume in a measurable way, but I can't find a link right now, and I have to go to work.

Well, I saw this one thing on Wiki, but it's not a great explanation:

By having more speaker cones, the speakers will move more air. For example, given the depth is approximately equal, a 2x10 have the surface area of 157sqin, while a 1x12 only have 113sqin. Also, it will have increase power-handling capability, or more precisely, they split the amp output. Thus, given same amplification head, a 2 speaker configuration will have louder volume, but not as much power.

I'll have to dig thru a couple books to find a better explanation, but it's along the lines of doubling an amps wattage increasing actual volume by only 3 dB's.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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