The S.o.l.e
About Group

Vigen – Vocals; Rhythm, Solo and Bass Guitars; V. Drums:
Tigran - Rhythm, Solo and Bass Guitars:

Music, Words, Records, Producing By S.o.l.e


Sole: We decided to make our own Rock Group, with own Rock style. No actually we don’t have an exact style – We play every thing (but off course only Rock).
We’ve made our 1st album called Settin’ uP by the best rock traditions (Made by us).

Tigran: At the beginning I thought it’s a mad idea, I just played for fun, but on the way to Settin’ uP I found I can’t without it!

Vigen: Well, this mad idea was created by me... (Great thanks to me). Anyway I decided to record an album. Than Tigran gave us a way to the name of the album, “Settin’ uP”!
“S.o.l.e”, the name was made by me (It means the only ones).
If you noticed there are points between letters... Well,Never mind!?!