Hey guys. My band is going to be putting together our first full album in September. We're a hard southern Rock band out of Ohio called American Son Down. Check out our UG band profile or my UG profile in my sig to listen to the two demos that I have uploaded.

And of course, C4C.

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I like the vocals, but as guitardan said, they could be clearer. Neverdead is awesome! I love the way the chorus(?) goes into a half-time kinda bit then back to normal tempo. The solo also really suits the song, pretty flashy too.

I like the intro riff to Takeover but I'm not a fan of the prominant cymbal (not sure if it's crash or ride, I don't know drums). I'd recommend getting a proffesional sound engineer in to teach you how to clean up the vocals.

You almost remind me of bands like Alter Bridge. Awesome stuff. Keep it up.

EDIT: Check out my song on my profile if you could please.
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