I'm starting as a freshman at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities this fall, and I plan on playing in a band(s) in college. I'm wondering what is a good way to meet other musicians with similar tastes when you go to a totally new town and start at a totally new school.

Feel free to share any personal stories that relate.
well you could find your local music store and hang out there/put up a flyer. Or just sit out on the Quad playing your guitar.
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Find some people who'll be doing music courses there - put up posters, join clubs and find out friends of friends who play. Get to know people.
There's plenty of music stores in the Twin Cities, and 2 music schools that I know of. There's McNally Smith (I start there next week ) in St Paul, and IPR in Minneapolis, so those are always places you can look outside of your own campus. But definately some flyers, or just hanging out at music stores sound like your best bet,
yes! Another TC musician, believe me, the local scene is so huge in the cities and suburbs, depending on what kind of music you like, just try to find at least one friend and hit up the local shows and talk to the bands there. Also, quick tip, if you do have a band and want to get recording time, just be friends with the IPR students, you can get free recording in state of the art pro tools studios. I toured that place, its freaking nice!
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