I've searched and so far I havn't seen any surf rock threads. I feel this should go in here as opposed to Classic Rock because it's got a real Jazzy feel to it. And overall I'd expect more surf fans in herer than C.R.

Anyway, so who likes Surf Rock?

Example of surf bands:

-The Ventures
-Dick Dale
-The Mermen (not really well known, but really good)

Though surf is not my FAVORITE genre, I really like it - and if I had to pick one kind of music to dance to this would be it. :]

Also discuss the surfy kind of western music
This is just unacceptable:
Surf can sound awesome, it depends on the players tho. Also, one amazing surf/60's band u forgot was Los Straightjackets. They rock, especially for mexican wrestlers.
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Yeah man, just got to see dick dale last year down here. He is awesome

Nice, but elaborate on "down here" please!
This is just unacceptable:
No one's mentioned The Shadows yet????? Shame on you guys!

Surf is pretty much what I started out on with my guitar teacher. Pipeline, Apache, Wonderful Land.. Allll that good **** yo'.

It's great stuff for beginner guitarists IMO since it's basically lead guitar but simplified and GREAT melodies! Really fun to play with a live band.
surf instro and spaggeti western are two of the most fun genres to play. i actually just fiished learnin how to play the shadows version of ghost riders.