I'm thinking about changing the bridge on a bass i'm going to get later this year (i realy dislike the tacky fender bridges) what i want to know is does any replacement bridge have to be a direct replacement or can it have different measurements or diiferent screw holes. i know a badass bridge would fit but i would like to escape the fender look
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Just go for the Badass....amazing bridge, and it won't take too much away from the Fender look.

And your title made it seem like you were going to machine your own bridge

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Sure you don't want a Badass? It's the best for good reasons. Mostly that it fits easily, and it's so solid you could anchor a ship off it. You could always go the trem route if you want difficulty and 'something different'.
so as long as its solid and fits its a good choice?
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Well usually you want to have matching screw holes, but in general yes. BAII is one of the best bridges on the market, and possible THE best bridge on the market that fits Fender basses. Just keep that in mind.
Whell for one, if you want to get another type of bridge, and you don't wana drill anything then take it to a guitar shop and they will do it for you (dont' take the bridge off though)

Or I can tell you how to do it, it is a bit easier than you may think. (some masking tape to mark the position of the old bridge, soem glue and toothicks to fill in the old holes, some old string to get it to match up, it will work)

But on bridges, I have herd many-a-thing about the BA bridge, and I want to get one for my 5 string (mainly for the string though option, but meh!) but there are some nice alternatives out there.
For the record I have the gold Schaller bridge. And it actually is one cool solid, and very ajustable bridge.
now i think about it i'm not even sure a badass would fit, im not getting a fender im getting an old warwick that has been fitted with a fender style bridge does anyone know how many screws the BAII has?

just for the record i dont think badass is tacky i think the fender style one is on my bass is tacky i just dont like the fender ones generaly
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