the strings of my steel-string fender western guitar need to be changed
i was thinking about trying to use eguitar strings

good idea bad idea
what effects await me
it will sound like crap. complete and utter crap.
i <3 my gibson.

proud member of the anti-ibanez milita. my rg1570 was the crappiest guitar i've ever owned.

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havent a clue, but if you gota spare set of eguitar strings going and have normal acoustic strings ready anyway, can't hurt to try just out of curiosity?
i had a friend once who used an amplyfiable acoustic guitar
it sounded great

he said he was using eguitar strings
How many times does this thread have to be made?!?!?!?!?!?!

It sounds kinda pants

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I've done it with Ernie Balls, sounded fine for me. No difference. Then again the Ernie Balls say Electric AND Acoustic strings on the package.
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