I've recently gotten into playing with my slide more (mostly just mucking about on Freebird or When the Levee Breaks) and I've been looking for some more slide licks to play that aren't straight out of the delta-blues scene. Anyone got any easy, fun riffs?
there's a plethora of countryish slide licks out there
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most of the slide stuff out there ive heard is country or bluesy or something like that but the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Scar Tissue uses it in the solos and the Jet song Shiny Magazine and that's all I know of.
the only other song i can think of that isn't nessessarily blues is in my time of dying by zep, but its all the scale their using, try a spanish scale or more heavier music, ive wirtten some sick hard rock songs with some nicely distorted slide work
Look into the John Butler Trio, loadsa slide songs there, check out Fire In The Sky. That's a great one
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there's a bunch of fun slide work in White Stripes stuff, if you're into that.
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