Yeah, umm i like to make music, and i record some times. I have this music page you see it's Jared's Creations. Check it out. You might like it. I hope you do. I suggest listening to my new song "coffee and brimstone". I hope you won't regret it. Thanks all.
thanks, it was something i was working on and didn't have the time to put down on the recorder so i just laid it down on my loop station and recorded it off that. I like the idea of the song so i'm going to re-record it hoefully i can score some nice drum rhythms. And the bass parts i made up during it. The fret buzz wouldn't be so bad it i would've recorded straight through a mic and mixed it you know but i just did it straight line. I did my best to kinda give it a feild mix but unfortunately it takes out a lot of my rhythm on my distrorted track. Oh well, i'm going to give it another shot recording and see how it runs over. Hopefully life changing.
Don;t Be mad at me because your come from a disfuntional family. GOSH!!
What do you call a fishes marijane?