Ok, I know what Gtr. 1 and Gtr. 2 mean in tabs, of course, one lead and one rythmic. However when I see Gtr. 3, 4, 5, or maybe even 6, I get confused as to what to play. So, could someone please tell me why do the tabs have multiple guitar parts (when there are only 2 in the band) and what does it mean?
aha like hotel california. guitars 4,5,6, or whatever usually play a small part in the whole song. again like hotel california
sometimes band layer guitar parts. Even if there only 2 guitarist,they might want to add some more stuff. Usually it's just alittle lead thing or melody. When,reading the tabs,just focus on guitars one and two.
just stick with learning either 1 if you want to learn the lead part and 2 if you want to learn the rythm, don't worry about the rest that's more for recording purposes.
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Gtr 1 isnt lead and gtr 2 isnt rhythm, they are just the different recordings. For instance, Black Sabbath has one guitarist, tony iommi, but he used to record a solo about 3 times over each other. So there would be (NOT ALWAYS) for instance gtr one playing the backing, gtr 2 playing the main solo and gtrs 3 and 4 playing little fills on top.
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So basically just concentrate on either gtr 1 and gtr 2? Because sometimes gtr 2 is playing the main part and gtr 1 disappears.