Two Views on Life and Death

I walked into a church that day to ask to save my soul
To learn the things they’ve handed down from generations old
I guess I hoped I’d find the code to break this life of mine
To free the need I knew was there to feel some peace of mind

A kindly man he sat me down and told me what he knew
Of people gone and visions seen, of hope that’s always true
I drank in all those stories told of a saviour in my past
I listened well for in this man I felt some peace at last

We spoke of this and all of that for quite some little time
And by the end I knew my life was never really mine
But more a loan to use a soul before infinity
My time a gift from Him to me to earn eternity

I stood to go, our talking done my saving journey signed
My path was set by this kind man to find my peace of mind
I stood to go but all I saw was coming through the door
The beggar there all clothed in rags and crawling on the floor

... (pause) ...

And the priest looked at me as the beggar said to him
“Hell is not where I’m going and it’s nowhere you’ve been
I believed your lies in those times I cried
That I’ve wasted life with no humble pride
But I see where I am and what have I got?
It’s your ‘Hell on Earth’ not a glorious plot
So I see through you and I see my strife
I can see where I’m going with this twist of a knife
I can see your demons and they’re yours not mine
So preach somewhere else your salvation divine.”

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