This is a video of me singing the hendrix classic in the middle of my bands first gig, so we could give our actual lead singer a break. I am by no means a singer, I barely ever sing even to myself. Anyway i just thought id share this and thoughts are greatly welcome. Also even if you absolutely cant stand my singing, be sure to listen through to my solo as I am truely a guitar player, not a singer. Thoughts are greatly appreciated!!!

ya know hendrix wasnt much of a singer either hahaa

but seriously it wasn't bad at all.

great guitar tone though, it fits the song perfectly.

although i do think that your rhythm guitarist needed to be a little bit more distorted

and it is kind of weird to see "shredding" in this song...and for it to played on something else other than a strat.

but you made it your own and added your own style to it so great job!
man ur back up guitarist needs some work and need to turn his guitar down like alot but u were awsome ur vocals were not bad but nice guitar solo. where are the people watching just wondering were there any people there not try to flame ur band but there looks to only be two people ther and they were walking away
"A little word for my enemies and fortune seekers -
go fuck your Jesus..... he likes it up the ass!!"
Glen Benton
seriously where were the people ????????
"A little word for my enemies and fortune seekers -
go fuck your Jesus..... he likes it up the ass!!"
Glen Benton
haha they were behind the camera, there were about 40. It was a party, and the two people walking in front of the camera were going to get drinks, btw, those two ppl were my gf and her friend.
You're a good player and all but i think shredding a hendrix solo sounds terrible. I love shred guitar but not in ANY hendrix songs.
not sure about this 'metal' version of the song...guys, get some strats! if not at least tone your amps up to a more suitable setting
For an outdoor gig, thats pretty good, the sound can end up all over the place outdoors sometimes. Sounds pretty good though, if I were in a pub and you came one, I wouldn't leave. I'd just be stoked someone was playing some Hendrix.

Not keen on the solo though, it's good playing, but didn't fit the song that well.