Well i was changing strings today, and broke some of the bridge pins. i got them out using a coin and pushing it out. but to do that the stirngs came off. that caused the nut to fall out. how should i put it back on? White glue?

also, what kind of bridge pins should i get. must not be more than 15 dollar and have good sustain/ doesnt break easy.

Also, what should i use to take out the bridge pins next time so i dont break them?

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Well, I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but I'll do my best.

The nut shoulden't be glued in. It should just be loose, held in by the ridge crafted into the guitar and the tension of the strings.

I'd personally just get plastic bridge pins. They run about $6 (USD) a pack and from what I've noticed, the tone isn't much different from wood. If you want to splurge, you can buy wood bridge pins for around $14 a pack and ivory for around $20 - $30 a pack.

Personally, I just use a pair of needlenose pliers to pull out my bridge pins, but if you have a string winder (and you should), at the bottom of the piece that goes on the key, you'll see a half circle cut-out. That's designed to pull out your bridge pins, though I've found most of the time it dosen't fit underneith them. Just use a pair of needlenose, if you buy plastic it'll only cost you $5 - 6 to replace em.
That's exactly the answer to my Questions. Thanks, not i gotta get to guitar center and fix up my sisters acoustic before she gets home tomorrow.
Hi I think you guys are reffering to the saddle not the nut
the saddle shoud not be stuck in, it should slip in & out of the bridge easily.
The nut is at the headstock end of the guitar & should be glued down.

here is a pic of the stringwinder the above post was reffering


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