I want a loud, cheap amp, and i'm just wondering, aren't they're any high watt amps without all the built-in effects? all i need is some kind of equalizer and my pedals will do the rest, i would think they would cost less, does anyone know of an amp like this? And i would get a cab but it's so expensive to get the head too. Any recommendations?
Its a shame you'd sacrafice tone for volume.

How loud is loud? and how cheap is cheap? you'd be better off with a simple tube combo, anything that would need uber loud volumes could be mid'ed up.
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my friend has got this behringer amp that i think i'll get, it sounds great and we have some of the same pedals and such so i'll probably get that, but something under $400 i'm looking for, i don't mind the add-ons but i have an amp now that just has gain, volume, treb, mid, bass and i get great sounds out of it, but i need something a bit louder, and yes, i care about tone.
In my opinion a tube combo and some good analog pedals will get you the best tone. A 15 watt tube combo will be louder than most 50 watt solid state amps. You could look at the Roland Cube series which are not bad for solid state and are loud. They have built in effects. From one budget tone snob to another I would go with tubes.
A Peavey Windsor is a cheap Tube Stack with one channel and low-gain. If you have pedals go with that. I suggest running your effects through effects loop and guitar directly in. It would be better than running it all through the preamp.
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