I've been trying to read as much as possible on the subject, including searching here, but nothing has really solved problems for me... So here's the pitch

OSU Student in Columbus, OH
Dorm room w/out AC
1983 Alvarez Yairi that I love ... and recently purchased...

Actually just bought last week, sounded (and still does) great and was in top-notch condition, left it on my stand at home (I'm not back at school yet) over a long weekend and when I came back I noticed a difference in the way it sounded, almost muddled... then I noticed the top was quite bowed, I figured quite a bit more than it probably should be... Thus started the frantic research (and a look at weather.com said 90+% humidity), I'd never had ANY problems with my cheap ovation (altho it was laminate...). I have it in my basement for now (down there with the dehumidifier 50-55% humidity) but what happens when I go to school? Like I said, no ac (other than my room fan).... The bowing is coming back down, I pray to god I didn't do any permanent damage and its case is now sufficiently aired out, any storage ideas?

Better to leave it in the case even with high humidity?

Anything I can put in there (I've seen some packs on guitarcenter...) to help the situation?

Am I not going to be able to take this places during the summer for a week or so?

I can deal with low humidity, thats relatively easy... Its the inability to escape the high humidity that has me worried...

Thanks guys (and gals), I really appreciate it,

Interestingly enough, I live just off-campus around OSU (I'm attending community college at the moment, I plan to attend OSU when the opportounity comes).

I'm admittedly not too clear on the subject myself, though from what I understand, it's always better to keep it in the case. You can buy humidifiers/dehumidifiers at most guitar shops for between $25 - $50 if you're concerned about it. Given Ohio summers, that's probably a sound investment.

If it's just for a few days, I woulden't worry about the humidity. It's more a long-term storage concern. If you really value the guitar, a dehumidifier is probably worth your money.
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Garou, small world huh? and dehumidifiers are expensive-ish....

LeftyDave, thanks, I might have to pick up a pack of those things...

So we're thinking keep it in the case even with high humidity? thanks,

Absolutely keep the guitar in the case. Use a digital hygrometer to monitor relative humidity in the room and in the case. Try the new product from Planet Waves. Silica gel packs come with every kind of electronic and optical product to absorb moisture. Try that. Dry out your case with a hair dryer (no heat!) or a vaccuum cleaner in reverse. As long as the humidity in the case is close to 50% you and your guitar(s) will be fine. Watch out for super dry conditions in the wintertime.