I am living in a dorm room and would like to hang two guitars on the wall (an electric and an acoustic), both to save space and for the artistic value. Unfortunately, we can't drill or nail into the wall.

My only thought so far has been to use one of those really sticky wall hooks (I think 3M makes some), but I'm still not sure how I would hang a guitar on that or if it would even support the weight. Any suggestions?
I wouldn't risk it.
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they said we couldnt nail or drill into the walls of my dorm but we did it anyways and all you have to do is fill the holes with plaster or something when you leave and then throw some of the same color paint on it and no one will ever kno........or just blame the holes on your roommate

either way just go for it
Get a guitar stand like a 3 guitar hercules stand. Or take some 2x4s and make a stand that'll lean up against the wall, and screw the hanger onto the 2x4s
I'd just fill in the holes when you're done and paint over them.

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Take some 2x4s. Screw them together so they touch the floor and the ceiling, and don't wobble. Screw the guitar hangers into those 2x4s. You won't even have to worry about missing studs.
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Id say just screw it in and fix the holes before you leave. A couple of swipes with some drywall compound and it's done.

If the adhesive is strong enough to support a guitar, you probably won't be able to get it off cleanly or easily. Something tells me they'd rather have a couple small holes in their wall than a big 2x4 sized patch of crusty dried up glue.

edit : ...if you could even get it off at all.
Yeah, some type of sticky stuff will require paint repair when you leave anyway, you might as well fill the holes, too.

If they ask, tell them they are sticky taped up there.
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build yourself a wardrobe for clothes, then hang the guitars on the side of it

just use some cheap but thick, sturdy wood. or buy a cheap one
Just put holes in the wall and fill them in later.
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I say drill holes or nail or whatever, then you just put toothpaste in the holes. Nobody will ever no the difference...I was an RA and did those inspections...we have about 30 of them to do at one time and don't really see something unless its obvious.

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